Friday, April 14, 2006

Life Is - Child Philosophy

Life’s:- Child Philosophy

These days I watch Shashank (my 6 month old kid) grow. I simply love the whole experience. Sometimes it is tiring, sometimes very tiring and sometimes painful. But all this just get washed away by a single gentle, true and pure smile of the little one. The innocent face which smiles when you are on the verge of frustration, in the middle of the night, takes out all the pains and compels you to bow down and serve your little one.

Another amazing thing to watch is the passion they posses. The remote control of our TV set is shashank’s best toy. He has tons of them. Stuffed ones and lighting ones but he just loves the plain remote. He will do whatever it takes to get hold of that remote. He can be located anywhere; his sharp eyes will catch hold of the item and yahoo…! Its time for action. He will put all the intelligence he posses with whatever little movement he is allowed as a 6 month old kid to get to the device. He might lose out on energy in the process. This will not put him down. He waits for sometimes. Takes rest and valla ….back to work. Only when he gets hold of that device will he stop. Not that he will play with the device too long though … but that is altogether a different story.

Whenever he wants something and could not get that, the only weapon he posses is cry. He will shout and force you to attend you to get his things done. He will be happy once the thing that he wanted gets done. He cannot explain then very correctly but he continues to cry till you understand him and he is satisfied with the service.

This brings very simple but useful principles. A little kid teaches some of the very fundamental realities of life.

Be focused

Whatever it takes never let your objective affects that and there is nothing in this world that stops you from achieving the goal.

Keep the end objective in mind

Before beginning any task, think of the end. Once you are clear of the end, proceed to make the task a success. All possible ethical methods to achieve the task should be tried out before giving it up.

More to this follows as I learn more ……….


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