Monday, October 16, 2006

Life Is - Lights

On 22nd of this year, India will celebrate yet another festival of lights – Deepawali (Diwali). Deepawali as the name suggests is series of lamps. Entire Indian land seems as if the sky is turn around with stars twinkling in each and every house. The aerial view of the nation on this day is simply phenomenal.

There are quite a few legends behind Deepawali. One saying is that God Ram started ruling Ayodhya from this very day and every one in the country was happy that good days were back. This also meant the birth of “Satyug”. Also goddess “Laxshmi” came to earth on this day and people lit lamps so that lakshmiji can enter their houses. This is also the day when Lord Krishna saved the innocent “Gokul” gwals and gwalins, from Indra and lifted “Govardhan”.

People all over the country have a social get together and parties. They will celebrate the evenings with lots of fireworks. There will be all kind of sweets served.

This land has a unique tradition of enjoying whatever small and beautiful thing that occurs. And there is a science behind everything and every celebration. People clean up their house during diwali. The essence behind this is, after the gloomy monsoon we enter into winter. Its time to clean up the things and we wrapped it up into a festival to do it happily. The same goes for many more Indian festivals. What better way a season of cold (winter) be welcomed than by lighting small lamps to make the whole atmosphere warm! This also marks beginning of a new harvest season and we begin this with distributing and preparing sweets…wow! I am sometimes amazed at the knowledge, creativity and innovation of our great grandfathers. They had everything we crave for today. They were far more knowledgeable far more creative and a lot more innovative than the best of lots today.

However with globalization taking its toll the zeal and enthusiasm of these festivals is getting weak. I see more cards getting exchanged on Valentine day than on Diwali. Most of them might not know why we celebrate valentine day. The warmth of meeting the loved ones is declining. With distributed families all across the globe the greetings are nothing more than a telephone call.

All is not lost yet though. The need is to feel the warmth of a relationship. Distance does not matter, what matters is the warmth of the feeling. Also understanding our culture and the reasons behind them will help associate us more with it. India posses a rich set of heritage and values. It is only when we continue to cherish these traditions and festivals, the heritage will remain intact.

Let us celebrate this Diwali a totally Indian way.

Happy Deepawali.