Saturday, December 10, 2005

Life Is : Classical Music

Recently I happen to attend pune's "Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Mahostava". This was my first ever classical concert. I am not a classical music buff. It all started when the Art Circle from my organization "Persistent Systems" organized a classical event from "Mrs. Aarti Ankalikar". This was on a sunday. I was looking out for something to spend my sunday evening and a collegue of mine invited me to attend this event. I always had respect for Indian classical music but never had a chance to listen anything. Grabbing this oppurtunity I went to the auditorium to listen to the artist.

The experience.....Amazing. There were no words to describe the experience. I do not have any understanding of the ragas and taal's. But what I experienced was that I could still enjoy the music to its best. I could feel an aura around the hall that was created where people were hypnotized by the aura of the singer and the musical instruments accompaning the lyrics.

This inspired me to attend the "Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Mahotsav". This fortunately was just starting 5 days from the entralling experience I had on Sunday. I got the tickets and went to the location.

The aura... continued. Some of the greatest artists performed at the concert. It was pleasant to listen to all different ragas in different styles. On the very first day of the festival Pt. Jasraj delivered a mind-bogling performance. There was such a strong hold on the sur and taal that he could virtually go to any level and come back in the same breath.

The concert is still on and I shall write more about the performances from the artists as I get to enjoy more.

While I was listening to this great performers, I cherished one more reason to celebrate "Incredible India". The culture, ethics, vitality, depth,knowledge, devotion that India and the Indian culture holds is uncomparable. The more I happen to learn about India the more I cherish. with all this in mind if I look back in history to imagine the India with all this good things at their peak, I had no doubt about the fascination the world had about this great nation.

Another important thing I noticed in these artists is the utter devotion. Most of the artists had more than 9-10 yrs of experience behind them. This however reflects so transperantly in the kind of hold they have over what they perform. They had almost master the basics and the good point is that they just stick to the basics. They just maintain the same "lay" and "sam" and the result is marvellous. Unlike many of the other artists they don't need to reherse. They are spontaneous and sing with their soul. Once they are into themselves one could clearly watch the experessions on the face clearly stating the submergence.

I know this would not be the right thing to do, but being from software Industry, I tend to compare everything with that :-). Today we talk of various quality levels like CMM and Six Sigma. I could see the level of precision far more than six sigma in the performances. There were hardly any errors what-so-ever. Also the kind of co-ordination between the singers and the whole range of musical instruments....never needed a CMM-I :-)

Strong basics and utter devotion can take you places. Indian culture has shown this may it be music, yoga,literature,knowledge.


Raneee said...
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Raneee said...

Good one...its nice to see someone who is proud of the indian culture and the various good things it has to offer.

What i would like to add here is that music, whether indian, western, classical, rock, pop, etc, is always beautiful when someone sings from the is something that has no language or no is something that brings us closer to God...and helps us to be in touch with ourselves.

So, wishing you more of these Sangeet Mahotsavs in the new year and enjoy the experience and the aura.