Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bar Camp at Persistent

7-7-7 for me was a day at Bar camp. The camp was hosted at Persistent systems. Being a part of the organizers, I planned to reach there at around 9. Although early showers in the morning delayed my plans and was there at around 9:30. Things had already started moving. The registrations had begun and the campers (participants) were enjoying early morning "Poha" with "chai". It was good to see people praising your campus and canteen and everything.


The sessions started at 10:30. It was good to see that all the 3 tracks were almost packed before 10. I went and attended throughtworks presentation on "Fractuals and Complexity". I really wondered before the session what is this guy suppose to talk about since I did not have any head or tail of the topic. But that was one thing that attracted me to attend the session and I enjoyed it. The theme behind the session that everything that nature designs is not complexity but rather simplicity. The trick is to figure out the applied algorithm which could may be iterative or repetive and they could really create complex structures. It was good to see people and companies exploring such mathematical and different ideas.

I also heard that session which was running in parallel to this track was also an innovative concept and the teams had fun interacting with the speaker.

The next presentation by Adaitya Thatte about microsoft's silverlight product was also informative. Meanwhile I also had discussions regarding the new co-operative IT concept with Ajay. This was again and interesting thing, which co-incidentently I was also thinking about sometimes before.

It was lunch time by then and we had a delicious lunch in Vinod and Priyanka's company.

There was yet again an interesting session regarding "How to open start-ups in US, UK and India" by Rohas from Techturis. Rohas talked about some really interesting tricks and points which only a lawyer can think and analyze.

We had freeman talking about "Open source education" after that. Freeman discussed about the open source communities initiatives in reaching to masses with quality training through. I found this concept also catchy and would definitely like to contribute to the same. I also had a talk with Puja from meanwhile where she talked about how marketwala operates and interesting revenue models.

Anand from persistent also presented his idea of BLogger which was really an application in itself. Seems like he is triggering the semantic web concept and taking it to production :-).

Had a good time with the organizers too. All of them Kiran, Jatinder, Atul, Rohit11 (yes this is what his name is and we had a good debate on this :-)) all of us had interesting discussions and information sharing.

I would say, Barcamppune3 was a hit.....Enjoyed the day.


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